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Shapes of the Mind V

Lucas Wearne

Australian natural limestone
58cm H x 24cm W x 16cm D
One-of-a-kind original

This work is a sculpture crafted by hand out of Australian limestone.

This work is part of Lucas Wearne’s collection, Shapes of the Mind. The series is a body of sculptural work that intricately weaves together the organic and the geometric, the tangible and the intangible, through the age-old materiality of limestone and contemporary narratives that explore abstraction and psyche. In a nuanced layering of creative expression, Wearne’s works challenge us to trace their various forms, engage with their stories, and perhaps find a reflection of our own journey.

Lucas says of this series: “This stone, with its tales as old as time, encapsulates narratives of ancient landscapes and beings. There’s a life in it, a breath, even before my chisel touches it. Each sculpture, imbued with this living quality, stands as a testament to both the enduring forces of nature and the ever-evolving dance of human thought.

“The raw purity of the limestone allows for an intricate play of light and shadow, highlighting the nuances of each piece. The material, bearing the weight of eons, becomes a bridge that connects the elemental past with the conceptual present. Every contour carved, every texture etched, emerges from a dance of technique and emotion, capturing stories that skip between the permanence of the stone and the transient nature of thought.

“The title, Shapes of the Mind, delves beyond the physical. It suggests the intangible forms our thoughts and feelings take, hinting at mental landscapes and moments of introspection. While each piece stems from my own introspection, they are intentionally left open, evolving and adapting based on each viewer’s unique interpretations.”

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