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Something Everything

Susie Dureau


Oil on linen
162cm H x 132cm W
One-of-a-kind original
Framed in raw oak

The series of paintings, collectively named ‘Aeons,’ for Curatorial + Co. in Melbourne, explores the relationship between human-time and earth-time as part of a broader practice-led investigation into the physical and conceptual forces that bind humanity into kinship with the non-human world.

The Aeons paintings depict cloud formations overlayed with geometric grids of dots. The grid invites philosophical contemplation beyond the simple rendering of a landscape scene. It invites the viewer to contemplate that the landscape is not a place ‘out there’ but is directly connected with human bodies and minds. Thinking about the landscape summons connections between psychology, ecology, geology and biological sciences.

“Creation time isn’t a ‘long, long time ago’ event, because creation is still unfolding now… expanding and contracting, breathing out and in, no start and finish but a constant state, where past present and future are all one thing, one time, one place. Every breath ever taken is in the air to breath. I breathe the breaths of the Ancestors.” – Tyson Yunkaporta, author of Sand Talk.

Temporality and the concept of ‘deep time’ are essential to kinship thinking. Deep time weaves time and space together, demanding consideration of the earth’s evolution and how it manifests in the landscape today. Ephemeral events, such as a passing cloud, act as portals into deep time, allowing me to understand that the cloud is part of an eternal cycle. This cloud is a re-formation of the particles that made up an ancient cloud that passed over a prehistoric landscape. To think this way is to witness the vast magnitude of the universe through a simple moment of encounter in the landscape.

Signed on the back.

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Framed in raw Tasmanian Oak.

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