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Susie Dureau


Single channel video
2 minutes 30 seconds
Edition 1/1


Says Susie Dureau of this work: “The Soundscape artworks translate the sounds of the landscape into vibrant visual celebrations of the earth and its creatures. Each piece is constructed with several digital layers of spectrographs: scientific graphs that convert recorded sound data into visual maps indicating frequency. The recordings have been made in and around the Sydney coastline. A crashing wave, a fairy wren call, children playing on the beach and summer cicadas are just some of the sounds that can be identified in the Soundscape images and video.

“The suite of oil paintings created for ‘Untethered’ depict atmospheric optical phenomena such as halos, parhelia and rainbows, some sourced from actual events, others imagined. In times of crisis, I find solace in rainbows, clouds and other atmospheric phenomena. Witnessing light in this way shifts my habits of thought, freeing me to surrender to the grand order of nature.”

– Susie Dureau

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