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The Gifts of Paying Attention

Korynn Morrison


Mixed media on panel
82.5cm H x 82.5cm W
One-of-a-kind original
Framed in Tasmanian oak

Korynn Morrison’s latest series of paintings offers a timeless, tactile, and captivating expression of the Australian landscape. Through a truly unique approach and process, Korynn encourages us to pause and reflect in a fast-paced world, with each painting unfolding over time, allowing us to claim our moment of stillness.

Says Korynn of her work: “In many ways this painting has felt like a channelled message from my grandmother, Norah. I find myself immersed in the cherished memories of her flora and fauna reports, the tender act of scrapbooking old Christmas cards, and the joy of preserving nature’s beauty by pressing flowers and leaves between the pages of books. I recall jars filled with buttons and a magical rock that seemed to summon rain. Through this artwork, I celebrate the profound significance of life’s simple things – the unassuming moments that infuse our existence with true meaning.

“In a world of distractions, this painting is a gentle reminder of the art of paying attention. It beckons us to embrace the present with all our senses, capturing the essence of fleeting moments and treasuring them in the depths of our hearts.

“The Gifts of Paying Attention are woven into the fabric of existence, inviting us to slow down, to savour the delicate details that often go unnoticed – the beauty of a wilting flower, the rustle of leaves in the wind, the joy of a simple jar filled with buttons (none of which matched) – these are the treasures that enrich our lives and make our journeys more profound.

“Through this artwork, I aspire to convey the significance of the seemingly insignificant, the magnificence in the mundane. In the act of painting, I found myself transported to a place where the past and present merge, where memories intertwine with the whispers of nature’s wisdom.

“In memory of my grandmother and all those who have left behind a legacy of wonder, this work stands as a tribute to the profound richness of a life well-lived, where each moment is cherished, and each gift is embraced with gratitude. May this artwork kindle a spark in the hearts of those who behold it, reminding them of the beauty in the smallest gestures, the profound depth in the most ordinary experiences, and the transformative power of paying attention.”

Signed on back.

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This work is framed in Tasmanian oak.

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