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The Long Way Home

Diana Miller

Acrylic on linen
180cm H x 150cm W x 5 cm D
One-of-a-kind original
Framed in Tasmanian oak

Says Diana of her work: “I am fascinated with, and a bit obsessed by, trying to make and incorporate more interesting shapes than the painting before. I seem to think in shape and colour – the devices of my visual language – and am always noticing shapes in my day to day life; whether it’s in the studio, out and about or in an image I have seen or imagined. As I paint and as the composition develops, I’m continually observing and analysing the dialogues going on within. Every new shape or colour affects the next move and it is this constant engagement with the work that I find the most challenging but it’s also the thing that keeps me interested and engaged as a painter.

“Colour schemes come in tides where I can tend to be fixated on the same colours for a while. I have to consciously pull myself away and work with new colour combinations to keep it varied.. At the moment my intention is to work freely and loosely, although in reality the final paintings can tend to be a bit more structured and formal. I seem to ebb between the two, depending on how the work is resolving. I never plan my paintings, unless they are directly inspired by a collage or drawing I have made. I usually just begin by placing down colours and shapes, mostly making a lot of mess before things start to form into shapes and the painting starts to direct itself. I love the initial phases of making the most, where no rules apply and I can be as free and experimental as I want.”

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This work is framed in Tasmanian oak.

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