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Aleisa Miksad


Porcelain blend, white underglaze
35cm H x 29cm W x 29cm D

This series of work is an exploration of something between ancient and modern ceramics. The meticulous process of coiling these works allows space for exploration and exaggeration of the form as the piece develops.

Evoking early coil pots (a traditional method of building ceramic vessels, made by building up sides of pots with successive ropes of clay in a circular pattern) Aleisa coil-builds her vessels from stoneware and porcelain clay bodies. The form emerges slowly over the course of a few days as she works. Adornments such as spiked collars, lips and ruffled bottoms are added once the vessel is completed. The forms are then bisque fired and sometimes under glazed before the final firing.

Signed on base.

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This work will be showing at Curatorial+Co.’s November 2022 Pop Up Melbourne Show ‘There With Us’ from 18-26 November at @14 Gallery in Collingwood, VIC.

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