Simon Cardwell

Simon Cardwell

Simon Cardwell - Australian Photographer

Based in Sydney, Simon Cardwell is a visual art photographer born in Adelaide, South Australia.

Simon’s work explores identity, in the context of environmental concerns, human freedoms and isolation, locating dynamic images of botanicals in landscapes.  The natural environment has a sense of awe and wonder that is at once beautiful, vast yet empty. Simon’s focus on the single flower evokes a powerful sense of difference we can feel as humans standing alone in an open landscape.

Influenced by surrealism and 19th century The Temple of Flora botanical illustrations by Robert John Thornton, Simon explores how we can be still and experience the quiet, the serenity of being.

Simon’s work starts with traditions of photography then branches out to a painterly concept of placement, colour and design in constructing each image. Flowers take on human characteristics and are carefully placed to create emotive images that enable us to feel the solace of self.

Simon studied Visual Art in Adelaide at the University of Adelaide and the Akadamie voor Bildende Kunst in the Nederland’s. Since then he has received international recognition for his work and is currently working in his studio in Sydney.

Simon has been collected by the Australian National Gallery, Western Australian Gallery and many private collections. Awards include Moran Prise – official selection, Josephine Ulrick & Win Shubert – official selection.