Brett Anthony Moore - Solo Show - Exit Major Tom

Brett Anthony Moore

Brett Anthony Moore

Brett Anthony Moore is an abstract artist based in Sydney who explores colour, unpredictability and post-modern expression through his enchanting practice. When encountering Brett’s work, one is struck with the question, ‘Is this a painting or a sculpture?’, as he subverts the basic tenants of each art form, ultimately inhabiting a space between the two mediums.

Working predominantly with acrylics, Brett creates initial ‘paint skins’ in his studio by experimenting and mixing a select paint palette. He then leaves the experimental skin to dry and contract over about a week, after which time he responds to the resulting piece, the shape it has taken on, and produces a final sculptural work.

Brett’s artistic inspiration spans a lifetime of intrepid travel, music, education and experimentation. The influence of the Britpop art era, punk music, Australian pub rock and post-modern expressionism lives within his work; a reflection of his fascination with balancing conceptual narrative and the act of physical artmaking.

Majoring in painting, Brett graduated from the National Art School in 2021 and has gone on to show in Sydney ContemporaryWaverly Art PrizeThe National Emerging Art Prize, Sculptures in the Garden and Gosford Regional Art Prize. Brett has also exhibited extensively in both Australia and Europe.

Having travelled extensively around the world, settling in India, Europe and predominantly the UK for many years, working as a freelance muralist, set designer and illustrator, Brett currently works from his home studio at Yowie Bay in Sydney’s south.