Chloe Caday - Lily Cummins - Abstract landscape Artist

Chloe Caday

Chloe Caday painting plein air

Chloe Caday is a painter recognised by her gestural landscapes. After completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts at RMIT in 2017, Caday is now based in She Oaks, Wadawurrung, Victoria where she often paints outdoors in the bushland that surrounds her home. Her use of gestural mark making is a central technique to her practice – exploring the intricate and rhythmic interplay of sound, light, and form within each intuitive and organic motion of the brush. Heavily influenced by her Filipino heritage, Caday explores her historical, cultural, and spiritual connections to place and acknowledges the ability of the landscape to hold forgotten histories and stories.

Chloe was born in Quezon City – a highly urbanised city northeast of the Philippines’ capital city, where she spent her early years on the back of her parents’ shoulders, travelling the incredibly diverse islands of the Philippines. Being constantly surrounded by the lush tropical environments and the vibrancy of urban life inevitably developed her strong fascination and connection with her surroundings.



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