Amber Hearn | Everywhere and Nowhere | Curatorial+Co.

Curatorial+Co. presents Amber Hearn’s solo exhibition Everywhere and Nowhere. Filled with bold, bright works inspired by Amber’s life spent examining the landscape, the Blue Mountains-based artist pulls us into her vibrant world. Join us for a special opening night event on Friday 18 March for free-flowing drinks, great conversation and immersive art.

Says Amber of her show: “Everywhere and Nowhere is about memories of place and landscape that are recreated every time I relive them. Each time we recall a memory, it isn’t quite the same, nothing is concrete. I am fascinated by this space of the ‘in between’, where perception and re-formation play such an important role in our experience.

“Growing up in Papua New Guinea and regional New South Wales—and immersed in the natural world—forms and shapes around me heavily influenced my formative years and how I saw, constructed and remembered the landscape around me. As my father was a small aircraft pilot, I spent so much time looking down at the landscape. From this low level in the sky—breaking down, simplifying and flattening the forms in the land—it still plays a big part in how I see and express the landscape in my work today.”

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