Chloe Caday | Painting is Intuitive Motion | Curatorial+Co.

Chloe Caday is a painter based in She Oaks, Wadawurrung, Victoria. Drawing deeply on her Filipino roots, Chloe explores her relationship to the land, most notably her historical, cultural and spiritual connections to place. These places include the Victorian bushland and personally significant sites in the Philippines. Chloe creates her works within bush settings to allow her to experience and absorb the honesty of the environment and, in turn, re-interpret the landscape through her own identity and connections to place. Her use of gestural mark making and responding to and mimicking the movement and sound of the landscapes in which she paints is a central technique to her practice. She acknowledges the ability of the landscape to hold forgotten histories, inspire stories, and inform and shape culture. Chloe’s works are available here.

Film by Tash Yuncken

Music by Jonatan Hartmann

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