From her hand-built lean-to studio, nestled in the pristine bushland of Sydney’s Pittwater, Katarina Wells creates stunning ceramic sculptures inspired by the organic shapes of the beaches and bush that surround her. Hailing from the snow-topped mountains of Austria where, as a child, her parents instilled in her a love of nature, Katarina moved to Australia in her early twenties after finding love travelling through Europe.

Upon arrival in this new land, Katarina immediately she fell in love with the foreign flora and fauna of the landscape. The strangely alluring shapes and patterns stirred a creative expression which she honed through her ceramics work.

Much like the way her sculptures grow slowly over time, Katarina’s practice has organically progressed over the years, changing and evolving as she travels more widely and experiments with new materials.

We warmly welcome you into Katarina’s studio in our latest Studio Insights film.

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