Curatorial+Co Studio Insights | Nunzio Miano

Curatorial+Co Studio Insights | Nunzio Miano

In this edition of Studio Insights we will delve into Melbourne based artist Nunzio Miano’s latest body of work. The works represent Nunzio’s artistic response to his personal thought processes concerning an ever-changing world.

Says Nunzio, “Humanity is currently in a very fragile state and it will affect us in more ways than we can even yet imagine. The works touch on individual perceptions, responses and vulnerability. While some of us feel invincible, others feel lost and uncertain of our future. It is a new world and a new reality.”

We invite you to view our virtual exhibition with Nunzio’s work here.

You can view Nunzio’s available works here.

Images | Nunzio Miano
Music | Kevin Macleod
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