Maria Kostareva is a young artist who lives and works in Moscow.

Her work is inspired by moments of calm she finds in the chaos of the city.

Says Maria of her latest series: “In these works, I reconstruct fragmentary episodes that, on their own, are insignificant. I seek to emphasise the mutual connections between people and events, even if the trajectories of these links are not seemingly clear.

“The passers-by in my paintings have obscured or are totally without faces. I not only maintain their incognito status, but also leave the opportunity for constant transformation. This is a way to create a holistic space without division, my subjects are neither friend nor foe. In my works, I weave grains of the world such as past situations and fleeting memories into a single babble of images.

I remain fascinated by the incomprehensible being of the Other, their fragility, originality and their vulnerability.”

We warmly welcome you into Maria’s studio in our latest Studio Insights film.

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