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Korynn Morrison launches her latest collection of works – Playscapes – at Curatorial+Co., Sydney.

Korynn Morrrison is an Australian-born contemporary artist currently residing and working in the southern suburbs of Sydney. Korynn’s paintings offer a timeless, tactile, and captivating experience for viewers. In a fast-paced world, her artistic mission is to encourage people to pause and reflect through her work, which unfolds over time, allowing the audience to claim their moment of stillness.

From an early age, Korynn discovered that colours could convey emotions she struggled to express in words. To this day, she considers colour to be a fundamental starting point for her artistic inspiration. She strategically uses colour blocking to build compositions from the very foundation, ensuring that each colour communicates with one another to bring depth and dimension to her artwork.

A significant aspect of Korynn’s process involves a performative burial phase, where she layers paint upon paint, forming a history on the surface of each canvas before finally sealing it with a thick final coat. This ritualistic burial has become an integral part of her artistic practice, infusing her creations with a unique energy.

Korynn then revisits her paintings for what she calls “the excavation” phase. She often says that she has forgotten what lies beneath the surface, describing this stage as “starting all over again”. Instead of a brush, Korynn uses high-powered tools to slowly excavate through the layers of pigment into the bones of her landscape. Re-curating and shaping the composition as she goes, this process is truly intuitive, and it is as much about what is hidden as it is about what is revealed.

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