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Susie Dureau

Oil and acrylic on cotton
152cm H x 244cm W
One-of-a-kind original
Framed in Tasmanian oak

Susie Dureau’s title work – Fathoms, from the series Fathoms, has two meanings. One is a measurement, and the other is a reckoning. Both require an understanding of the shape of the world around us. Chiefly used to measure the depth of water, a fathom derives from the Old English word meaning outstretched arms and measures the approximate space from fingertip to fingertip across the heart space of an adult human. Fathom also means understanding a complex idea. The word offers an insight into the human condition, not as Western thinkers have previously proposed, a state of mind over body or human over nature but a complex weaving of anatomies and minds, human and landscape together.

Susie says of this work: “The coastal landscape (the environment my body is intricately connected to) offers a compelling sensory field for me to explore my being – this is why I am drawn to it. My painting practice engages a method of cultivated curiosity: slowing down and attuning my senses to the landscape, thereby accessing embodied knowledge that arises from thinking and feeling in unison. 

“Nature speaks to me in nonverbal languages of light, colour, texture, temperature and tone; these are also the languages of painting. Painting is a collaboration between the sensory body, the mind and emotion, the material pigments and ground. Through the artworks in this exhibition, I borrow these languages to fathom a bond between myself and the landscape: a bond that is both commonplace and mystifying.”

Signed on the back.

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Framed in raw Tasmanian oak.

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