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Riverside Trail

Belinda Street


Acrylic on canvas
122.7cm H x 122.7cm W
One-of-a-kind original
Framed in Tasmanian oak

Belinda Street’s, River Trail, is part of her latest series, Kosciuszko: An Abstract Sublime. In this new series of paintings, Street evokes a sense of dynamism, movement, and emotional intensity, which are key elements associated with the sublime. The artist’s use of bold and gestural brushstrokes, combined with her mastery of colour, creates a visual experience that transcends the representational and delves into the realm of the sublime. The works often convey a sense of the ineffable and the transcendent, with their emphasis on the emotional and sensory aspects of painting rather than on representational subject matter.

Kosciuszko is a recurring subject in Street’s work and finding a new way of interpreting this unique alpine landscape is central to this new series of abstract paintings. These works embody the physical, emotional and sensory experience of being in the landscape rather than depictions of an actual scene. The scale of her canvases and the gestural marks she employs invite viewers to immerse themselves in the work and become absorbed by the energetic and at times expansive nature of the compositions.

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Framed in Tasmanian oak.

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