Room for Art: Vol. 1

Shannon Rankin - Interior Design

Room for Art: Vol. 1

Our new ROOM FOR ART series features works of art that look like the spaces in which they belong. Whether they compliment each other in shape, colour, composition or vibe, or the work simply cries out to be included in the space, these pairings will provide inspiration for the perfect creative coupling.


Kate Banazi + Diego Berjon’s high-contrast collaborative piece Untitled No. 4 would perch perfectly on the wall in this Brooklyn home’s sitting room


Mairi Timoney’s pared back graphic treatment of her mixed-media work One Good Turn mimics this simple Berlin apartment design


The monochromatic ombre effect in Aly Barohn’s intricate contemporary embroidery Pull No. 2 sits well with the natural linen in this rustic Swedish bedroom


Lisa Lapointe’s bold totem Blue Jay plays with shape, line and colour in unexpected ways, as does this stairway in a Notting Hill residence


Shannon Rankin’s nod to traditional with her Simpling #3 (Botanical) paper cut work ties in beautifully with the botanical additions in this New York townhouse


The whimsical architectural elements in Modern Diagram by Michelle Weinberg are also evident in this cool Manhattan office


Diptaa Sloniir’s mixed media work Unreal Jen is serene in tone and composition yet shows strength in its use of shape and depth, like Emily Henderson’s bedroom


Colour is the obvious pairing here, but it’s the laid back boho vibe that links Georgina Vinsun’s Georgia to this girlie LA pad


Imposing dark figures and line feature in Danuta Tojka’s striking Still Life No. 2 which would sit well in this monochromatic London space


Cobalt blue and antique gold shine in Susie Dureau’s painting Return and it would not look out of place in this daring jewel-toned living room

Watch out for the next volume of ROOM FOR ART coming soon!

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