Amanda Schunker - Terrain II - Painting

Amanda Schunker

Amanda Schunker - artist

Interpreting the landscape through one’s own dialogue is the impetus of Amanda Schunker’s Abstract work. If not at her home studio in Bayside, Melbourne, Amanda can be found on a field trip, immersed in nature. Preferably ensconced by the geological rock formations that have intrigued her for as long as she can remember.

This portal of en plein air works are integral to her practice, to be deconstructed and turned on their head back in the studio. She says “It is working partly through process, intuition and memory that a rhythm builds momentum. Marks are put down, a dialogue emerges, until something of what one was grappling for is intrinsically revealed. A Mapping of Place.”

It is evident that Amanda’s accomplished knowledge of colour and mark making are strongly evident from her days as a Textile Designer. Graduating from RMIT University in Melbourne , she worked under the influence of revered artists David Band and Yvonne Audette. Her multi disciplinary approach carves a distinctive tone in her work.


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