Leonie Barton

Leonie Barton

Leonie Barton - photographerLeonie Barton’s artmaking process is a unique one. Photographing ephemeral art, made only from what is found in the moment and on the ground, Leonie assembles either or both natural materials and litter to create a new image. The artist looks for harmony and balance in the space and in the detail. The artworks are left behind for others to experience (unless they are made of manmade materials), to look at their world a little more carefully, to perhaps see familiar things in an unfamiliar way.

So the original work of art is eventually demolished, leaving only the photograph as evidence of its existence.

“Whilst I make from within, whatever environment I find myself in it is not my intention to impose on the landscape, but to reapply what already exists there, to reconstruct what has been discarded by nature or man,” says Leonie of her ephemeral art series.

“To present the familiar in an unfamiliar way, to draw attention to what is sometimes ignored in our haste to travel through life. To encourage people to slow down and look at their own everyday world a little more carefully, to nurture and preserve it and to remind the viewer that all is impermanent… even us,” she says.

As a result of this process, Leonie is able to construct artwork no matter where she is – the series has been completed in her local northern beaches of Sydney, in outback Australia, China, Singapore, the USA, and soon she will travel to Africa. There are currently more than 600 works in this series. This work also informs her studio practice, becoming drawings, paintings or sculptures.  When Leonie is not working on her own practice, she paints backgrounds for a NY based photographer.

Leonie currently lives and works in Avalon Beach in northern Sydney.