Mairi Timoney


Mairi-Timoney-Bio-PicMairi Timoney is an artist living and working in Edinburgh, Scotland. She studied painting at Edinburgh College of Art and at Le École Supérieure Des Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg, France. Since graduating Mairi has continued to make and exhibit work in both group and solo shows. She has shown work in The Whitechapel Gallery in London, The National Gallery of Modern Art and The Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh. She was awarded the Edinburgh University Barnson Bequest Award and was featured as one of 11 artists to invest in this year on Saatchi Art.

Mairi is interested in collecting imagery and materials from various sources to piece together visuals which are aesthetically and compositionally engaging. She enjoys using the juxtaposition of different media to consider surface, space, pattern and colour whilst the overlaying imagery, both found and personal, allows her to explore her interest in place and narrative. The fragmented landscapes which appear in her work come from an attraction to unfamiliar surroundings, quiet landscapes, architecture and the lives and stories of the people that inhabit these spaces.



MINIATURE WORLDS EXIST where paper people meet giant evergreens, walk amongst geometric surfaces and step over a line into fictitious architectural spaces, creating a new narrative that artist MAIRI TIMONEY hopes triggers something in our psyche. A nod to nostalgia, a spark to ignite our own imaginative......

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