Kate Banazi


Kate-Banazi-Bio-PicKate Banazi was born in London and studied fashion at Middlesex Polytechnic and Central St Martins College of Art and Design, and has worked across art based practice in illustration, fashion, music and advertising.

Kate’s current preferred medium is silk screen printing, which is largely self-taught. Her work is experimental, intuitive and often playful with bold colour and graphic elements a key reference. She has exhibited in group and solo shows internationally and her work is held in collections across the world. Kate now calls Sydney home.

About Kate’s collaboration with Diego Berjon

Kate Banazi and Diego Berjon followed each other Instagram and immediately found a common language. Although they have never met, the creative pair began a cross-continent collaboration. Kate calls Diego her “modern day pen pal”.

Why collaborate? “Collaboration is key to my practice as someone who works creatively,” says Kate. “Without collaboration I feel I would become ‘stuck’ and not move forward – it’s key to me developing new ideas and techniques in my own work, to challenge my thinking and push my own work forward.

“I’ve collaborated with others – from fashion to photography and art – and each was as rewarding and challenging in equal measure for me to think differently and change things up. Most importantly it’s brought great people into my life who have been wonderful to work with.

“Diego and I immediately got on,” says Kate. “He is talented and hilarious, and as clever a person as you’ll ever meet. I’m honoured to consider him a friend.”

Photo: Anne Graham


THERE ARE PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD with whom you fall instantly in step. People you can’t help but like immediately, who put you at ease and make you feel like you’ve known them your whole life. Artist KATE BANAZI is one such person. Perhaps that’s part......