Welcome to Curatorial+Co. – a new online art gallery

Sophie Vander - Curatorial+Co. - Online Art Gallery

Welcome to Curatorial+Co. – a new online art gallery


CURATORIAL+CO. is the new online art gallery that will change the way you view art, think about art and buy art. It is a space created to offer new collectors a starting point for their art obsession and to give established art lovers an array of alternative pieces to add to their spaces. You will find fresh talent you may not have seen before, but who deserve a place on the world art stage. It brings a global collection of one-of-a-kind art and design to an Australian audience, and shows Australian talent to the world.

Curatorial+Co. was born when it became apparent to me that the same style of art was being bandied around interior design blogs and magazines, the same artists garnering maximum publicity to the point of boredom. I knew there must be another way of finding art that was affordable and accessible – something beyond the ubiquitous art print but not quite the Sotheby’s auction! A place more approachable than a traditional white-walled closed-door gallery, a friendly space to wander through at leisure and discover new artists and their work, but carefully curated so that it wasn’t overwhelming in scope. And here it is.

In this blog you will get to meet our artists in Curatorial Conversations where we take you inside their studios around the world. We talk with them about their city, their studio space, and what moves them to create. I love getting inside the heads of artists – you never know what you might find! Our first post is the talented Diptaa Sloniir – let me know what you think about our first conversation.

Feel free to interact with our blog and site – leave comments, and get in touch if you are an artist or would like to suggest a talent whose work might be of interest to our buyers and readers.

Come back often as we add new artists and works every couple of weeks. Sign up to our newsletter so you’re the first to know when new works are listed, and when a new Curatorial Conversation is up on the blog.

A big thank you to those who made this site possible – the artists who jumped on board and took a leap of faith with this project, the guys at The Distillery for making the site look so fabulous, Anne Graham for her incredible photos and my husband, family and friends for lending an ear, a set of eyes and a shoulder when necessary. Thank you.

I am beyond excited to have met the unbelievable talent that you find on these pages – I hope you are drawn to them too so that you fill your walls and spaces with their creations! This is the beginning of an incredible art journey.

Sophie x

Main photo by Anne Graham

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