Diana Miller

Diana Miller

Diana Miller - Mixed Media Artist - Curatorial+co

Originally trained as a graphic designer in South Africa in the early 90s, Diana Miller began her visual arts practice in Australia in 2007. Thirteen years on, with a move to Byron Bay and two years of contemporary art studies under her belt, Diana’s practice is now entirely process-driven and founded in geometric and organic abstraction.

Her works are essentially founded in the deconstruction and reassembling of images, with a practice that is very tactile, grounded in the interplay between two and three-dimensional shape-making. Diana has recently revisited her love of blind contour drawing, making image after image from visions in her head and from objects and images around her in the studio. Surrounded by chopped up wood scraps, paper and ink sketches, Diana constantly reworks and rearranges her collection of materials to formulate shapes and compositions, creating her own visual language – her drawings and collages underpinning and informing all her final paintings.

Diana lives in the NSW Northern Rivers hinterland. She was awarded the Byron School of Arts Graduate Award for contemporary art studies in 2018. She has held 5 solo shows and participated in numerous group shows and Art Prizes across Australia. She has been awarded prizes in the c.a.s.e Postcard Show, The Little Things Art Prize at St Cloche in Sydney, The Rotary Art Spectacular and The Lethbridge 10000 in Brisbane, and was a finalist in the Clayton Utz Art Prize.

Much like her graphic design role of the past, Diana is constantly creating solutions during the formulation of her artworks. Every placement of a paper shape or new mark added, affects the outcome of the image. It is the constant need for decision-making that keeps her engaged in the process of abstract art-making. With nothing but colour and form to rely on, Diana can find the process incredibly challenging, and it is for this reason that she keeps coming back to it, day after day. She has incredible gratitude for her life as an artist and for the lessons her art teaches her on a daily basis.

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